About Mom

There is a saying: “Find something that you love and you will find success”.

Life has produced many memorable moments for me from the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City to having a four star Admiral holding my crying newborn as I cut his hair in my kitchen while living on a Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. I take nothing for granted. My husband Jeff of twenty-five years is the true love of my life. Our daughters, Roxy and Jillian are both busy forging their own way in the salon industry in Boston, MA. We are so proud of the independent, intelligent and resourceful women that they have grown to become. I look for the good in each and every day and surround myself with those people who share in that philosophy.

Upon developing a severe sensitivity to the toxic ingredients found in hair color and many other traditional salon products it was necessary to remove myself from the “traditional” salon environment for the sake of my own health. After realizing that mine wasn’t an isolated case and that there were actually many other people with similar sensitivities and concerns I was inspired to create not only a safe place for myself but for my clients as well. I needed to find a way to continue working in the profession that had brought so much joy to my life and has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. Welcome to WhatsMomDoing.com (WMD) - a true “Chemical Free” salon.

In my journey to be green I have learned so much and have consciously made an effort to use recycled materials. The waiting area is a rescued restaurant booth that has been reupholstered. I do feel that every little bit does help our fragile environment. Even the capes that I use are made from recycled material

I have carefully selected the products used and sold in the salon based on “cruelty free”, no animal testing for me! For example the cosmetic brushes are Talon bristles (synthetic) with bamboo handles and incorporate recycled aluminum. They are soft and beautiful and its comforting knowing no animal has been harmed in the process.

My makeup line is also a “cruelty free” and “chemical free” natural mineral product. WMD mineral makeup is free of Bismuth, a Pearlizing agent that gives mineral makeup a candlelight glow. Bismuth Oxychloride is a mineral, but it’s not found in the earth. Bismuth is a byproduct of lead and copper processing. It is often used to "bulk up" or bind products. It is considered a skin irritant and can cause itching and rashes.

Soma™ is not only cruelty free but also a true vegan line of hair products. DermOrganic™ with Argan oil is rich in omega-6 antioxidants and sulfate free with no parabens or dyes. These are just some of the products available at WhatsMomDoing.com.

WMD is the first salon that allows everyone an opportunity to enjoy the intimate salon experience with a continual visual and audio of everything going on. There are no behind the scenes at WhatsMomDoing! You will see it all at WMD, from educational to theatrical with the possibility of anything at anytime. Stop by for a minute or stay for the day.