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  Oh my am I enjoying the products! Rather than tell people how much I love the moisture shampoo and conditioner I just let them feel my hair. I also love the comb, with my fine hair I usually have static electricity all winter...not with the bamboo! I've also been able to get my hair to hold a curl a bit better with the spray gel...just wonderful products. Can't wait for Girl's Night, and if I can I'll bring some pals that would love to have some show and tell! Thanks so much for all of my goodies...and the robe! So luxurious, not something I would have gotten for myself which makes it all the better!

Promotion #1 FREE Random Act Of Beauty
  This is Special Promotion #1. This is our very first Random Act Of Beauty Giveaway! Send us your name,address and phone number or just stop by the salon to enter. The value of this great giveaway is an incredible FIVE HUNDRED DOLLORS! Cotton waffle robe, cotton waffle cosmetic bags, ecotool cosmetic brush set,green corn plastic wide tooth comb, two sizes of loofas, cosmetic sponges,Vermont aftershave and deodorant powder by Honeebee, georgeous bamboo hair brushes by Healthy Hair and hair products that are vegan and cruelty free by Soma. Drawing will be live on December 18,2009 so send information to WhatsMomDoing.com P.O.Box 64941 Burlington Vermont 05406 or stop by 171 Battery Street Burlington Vermont.

Promo #2 FREE Bamboo Eyeliner Brush
  To the first one hundred requests that we receive, just send a self addressed stamped envelope to us and you will receive our cruelty free cosmetic brush. Made from bamboo, aluminum and talon bristles. We will limit one to each address or request. You will also have a chance to win the Random Act Of Beauty give away. WhatsMomDoing.com Box 64941 Burlington Vermont 05406

  Watch Burlington Artist Nini Crane paint her cow LIVE.